●What is Kazahari ?

The Japanese Traditional Dancing Kazahari school.


An ancester of the Kazahari school who taught manner and etiquet at Nanbu clan in Edo era, gave up his occupation and his name as the instructor and started to teach those manners and etiquet for ordinary people. Later in Meiji era, Mr. Kiichirou Kazahari, the founder of the school,incorporated Nanbu Hand Dance (folk dance in Nanbu area) as a method of training for the manner of the Kazahari school.The school polished up the way and changed the style generation by generation.The third generation, Mrs. Yoshiyuki Kazahari who has been studying the classic Japanese dancing in her childhood,has initiated the Kazahari Japanese Dancing since 1993.


●About Mrs. Yoshiyuki Kazahari

She was born in Aomori Japan in 1942. At the age of three,She started to learn the traditional Japanese Dances,such as the Wakayagi school,the Nishikawa school,and the Hanayagi school.In 1967,she began learning Japanese Classic Dancing under teaching by late Tokuemon Izumi. Later,she instructed late Hachiroo Kasuga,a eminent star at that time,to dance with his song Sapporo snow festival Ondo.Also she coached late Goro Kagami, a singer,to dance with his song for Yokozuna* Wakanohana the second. She collaborated with many singers and choreographers to develop many popular songs,Japanese fork melodies, and tunes for the preferectual governments in Japan. Recently,in1996, she performed for the Sakhalin Japanese Dance Exhibition on the Peace-Ship that was sponsored by the Hokkaido Russia cooperation.

*Yokozuna:The champion of the Sumo wrestling.


●How to reach us

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We are going to teach you how to dance ,in the style of Kazahari !

We can choreograph classic dancing, fork music and popular songs based on our traditional way.We have video-tapes for that.If you are interested in our performance, please contact us.



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